Chilled tomato soup “Gazpacho Andaluz” 8,70€

Smoked sardine, black bread and horseradish 11,50€

“Russian Salad” (Spanish potato salad) 12,50€

Tomato and Bonito (Tuna) salad from the north 13,30€

Squid croquettes 14,50€

(6 units)

Pil-Pil-Prawns cooked in garlic-chili sauce 15,50€

Salmon Lemon Marinated with pepper, wakame, mango and ginger sauce 19,30€

Manchego cheese 18,20€

Iberian Ham 26,50€

Mix plater Manchego cheese and Iberian ham 22,50€


Hungarian Goulash 14,80€

Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan cheese 15,30€

“Bami Goreng” with Chicken Breast 16,80€

Chicken Breast with Cherry Sauce (Gnochis with pesto, carrots) 19,50€

Pork tenderloin, Pepper sauce, gratin potato, and broccoli 19,50€

Hamburger “Candela” Beef 220Gr. with goat cheese, onion marmalade, fried sweet potatoes and white cabbage 20,00€


White fish marinade 18,50€

(Radish, lime, coriander and spring onions)

Gilt Head fish with black rice 21,70€

(Tomato sauce and seasonal vegetables)

Black rice with prawns and squid with Ali-Oli 22,50€

(Price per person, min. 2 people)

Salmon fillet with Thai Curry, coconut milk, rice and vegetables 26,00€


Carrot and ginger soup 9,30€

(Lemongrass and coconut milk)

Bami Goreng 14,30€

(Asian pasta, vegetables, omelet, ginger, chili, soy sauce and sesame oil)

Chickpea and bean stew 14,80€

Aubergine lasagne 18,00€

(Tomato sauce, pesto gnocchis and fried rucola)


Toasted caramel mousse 6,50€

Lime and cheese tart with mango coulis 7,00€

Banana parfait with red fruit coulis 7,00€

Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream 8,20€

Cold chocolate and coffe cake with mascarpone cream 7,70€