Dear customers, we are in the Winter Creative Break and will start the new season for you on the 9th March 2024



Cold creamy tomate soup “Porra Antequerana” served 7,50€

(Egg, tuna, iberian ham)

Rustic house pâté with onion marmalade 9,00€

King prawns in PilPil 15,00€

Tender sprouts salad 15,00€

(warm goat cheese, raspberry vinaigrette, dried fruit, grapes and honey)

Burrata 15,00€

(Tomato cumato, celery pesto and black pepper)

Fresh salmon marinated in pepper and lemon sauce 16,50€

(Spicy, sour cream, teriyaki, wakame, mango sauce)

Duck magret carpaccio 18,00€

(Lemon flavored parmesan, endives, mustard and balsamic pearls)

Iberian ham 25,00€


Pedro Ximenez glazed Iberian pork shoulder 17,00€

(Grilled potatoes and vegetables)

Pork sirloin steak in pepper sauce 17,00€

(Bacon, grilled potatoes, broccoli and almonds)

Chicken breast with cherry sauce 18,00€

(Gnocchis with pesto y carrot sticks)

Duck magret with ginger sauce in red wine 25,00€

(Grilled potatoes and courgette stew)

Veal loin 400gr. 28,00€

(Sweet caramelized onion, baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables)

Suckling pig shoulder 29,00€

(Baked potatoes, peppers and roasted garlic)

Fillet of beef 33,00€

(Mushroom sauce, sour cream and fried sweet potato)


White fish marinade 18,00€

(Radish, lime, coriander and spring onions)

Gilt Head fish with black rice 19,00€

(Tomato sauce and seasonal vegetables)

Oven-baked sea bass in its juice 22,00€

(Steamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables)

Salmon fillet teriyaki with passion fruit caviar 23.00€

(Fried rice and pakchoi)

Codfish 25,00€

(Baked potatoes and roasted spicy peppers)


Carrot and ginger soup 9,00€

(Lemongrass and coconut milk)

Bami Goreng 13,00€

(Asian pasta, vegetables, omelet, ginger, chili, soy sauce and sesame oil)

Chickpea and bean stew 12,00€

Aubergine lasagne 14,00€

(Tomato sauce, pesto gnocchis and fried rucola)

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms asparagus and pesto 14,00€


Toasted caramel mousse 6,00€

Lime and cheese tart with mango coulis 6,00€

Banana parfait with red fruit coulis 6,00€

Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream 6,50€

Seasonal fruit platter 7,00€

Cold chocolate and coffe cake with mascarpone cream 7,50€