Asparagus Special

In sunlight, asparagus shoots first turn purple and then green. This is also why pale (blank), purple, and green asparagus exist. Therefore, the color of asparagus has nothing to do with the different plant species, but only with the method of cultivation and harvesting.

In Spain, green asparagus predominates, although there are many people who crave white asparagus during the classic asparagus season.

A classic German-style asparagus (white asparagus) growing area is the region surrounding the small town of Beelitz, near Berlin. The good soil of the Mark Brandenburg offers ideal conditions for excellent asparagus.

Here is Simianer Spargelhof, a fourth-generation family business that has been growing asparagus for more than 50 years.

The well-known Candela Marbella restaurant has partnered with this asparagus farm.

Until Sunday 19th May, the Candela Marbella restaurant will offer fresh asparagus from Beelitz, brought directly from the Beelitz field to Marbella by the two owners – less than 10 hours after harvesting, it will be on the table of the Candela Marbella restaurant!

Asparagus is served with ham, salmon fillet or beef fillet, and can be perfectly combined with a good white wine.

Asparagus Menu

Asparagus cream soup


Fresh asparagus with boiled potatoes and hollandaise sauce


And also:

Iberian Ham


Pork medallions


Salmon fillet


Beef tenderloin